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Over the past decades, rapid growth of global economic has lifted millions of people out of poverty. In line with rising population, rapid urbanization, and industrialization, it has also led to increased consumption of resources and generated waste almost beyond the limits of the ecological carrying capacity. Some of those problems have a connection with agriculture especially related in agro-industy.

Agro-industry provide a means of converting raw agricultural materials into value added products while generating income and employment and contributing to overall economic development in both developed and developing countries. Food processing converts relatively bulky, perishable and typically inedible raw materials into more useful, shelf-stable and palatable foods or potable beverages processing contributes to food security by minimizing waste and loss in the food chain and by increasing food availability, quality, safety and marketability.

In term of green agro-industry, the use of wastes for production of value added products such as improved feed, bio-processing reagents with selective catalysts, safe green chemicals, bio-fuels, biogas, bio-plastics and biopolymers would serve the agro-processing sector in the region by making it more resource efficient and sustainable. Such links would also support rural livelihoods through increased demand for local crops and bio-resources, enhancing the agribusiness opportunities for farmers and small scale enterprises in the region. Promoting the conversion of waste into renewable energy (such as biogas, bio-fuel, etc) will also reduce the need to import costly fossil fuel and serve as a step to mitigate climate change.

Following the success of the First International Conference on Green Agro-Industry was held on November 12-14, 2013, at Inna Garuda Hotel Yogyakarta, Universitas Pembangunan Nasional ‘Veteran” Yogyakarta, Indonesia in conjunction with its global partner is proud to announce the Second International Conference on Green Agro-Industry. The conference is to be held on August 4-6, 2015, at Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  The conference will address problems of primary importance for human security, discussing and proposing a more constructive and progressive approach to ensure future societal sustainability. The meeting will provide a common forum for a wide range of researchers and practitioners specialising in a range of subjects related to the conference themes.


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